Blog list

Sam Altman: Co-founder OpenAI, broad range of topics more now to do with funding basic research and creating a culture that supports innovation.

Marc Andreessen: Co-founder a16z, this has been inactive for a long time but it is a great source of thoughts on startups and business in general

Alexey Guzey: Researcher on improving philanthropy and science, one of the main inspirations for me starting this blog. Lots of actionable advice to use right away as well as longer posts on life sciences and issues in science.

Gwern: Independent researcher, just loads of very high quality stuff. Particularly like commoditize your complement and his writing on GPT-3

Patrick Collison: Co-founder of stripe, few actual posts but many excellent lists, the best, in my opinion, and most widely known being /fast for a look at how much progress humans can accomplish on large projects when things go well.

Paul Graham: Co-founder of Y Combinator, huge diversity of topics, many on startups and programming but also on charisma and creating wealth in general

Kevin Simler (Melting asphalt): ex Palantir, very broad set of topics, all excellently written about ranging from beauty to human biases to simulations of contagions.

Patrick McKenzie (patio11): Stripe Atlas, brilliant and extensive writing on marketing and engineering. Especially check out his salary negotiation post.

Nabeel Qureshi: Software engineer at Palantir, not many posts but they are very high quality and touch on a broad range of topics.

Daniel Gross: Founder of Pioneer, mostly on startups and technology

Andy Matuschak: One of the most unique blogs around, delving into tools for thought, check out the ‘NOTES’ section.

Devon Zuegel: Product lead GitHub Sponsors, very broad range, lots of great stuff on cities in particular

Fake Nous: Philosophy & Politics mainly, I especially like A Lucky Stalemate on the less obvious benefits of a political system that may seem to not get much done

Bret Victor: Pioneer in HCI, especially check out ‘inventing on principle’ & his interactive documents for model driven debate

Kevin Kwok: Formerly at Greylock Partners, lots on loops in business & the person who introduced me to Robert Caro

Julian Lehr: Stripe, Largely technology focused, also one of the best looking blogs of the bunch.

Sriram Krishnan: ex (?) twitter, mainly focused on business and tech also great new interview series The Observer Effect

Ben Thompson (Stratechery): More full fledged business than blog but it’s so good I though it would be wrong not to include it. Especially check out posts on Aggregation theory

Scott Alexander (Slate Star Codex): Rationalist blog, as of posting this list the blog is currently down but many of his essays can be found online. Especially recommend Meditations on Moloch on coordination problems

Ben Reinhardt: ex Entrepreneurs First, mainly on innovation and technology. Amazing piece on how DARPA works

Alex Danco: Currently Shopify Money, lots of great essays on a diverse set of topics from philosophy to thermodynamics