Some attempts at changing computing mediums

This will be a list that I update from time to time and has links to a few products/projects where people are coming up with new ways for humans to interact with computers

Roam Research: this is a tool for creating networked thoughts using bidirectional links and a whole host of other stuff. It’s currently free but they plan to start charging for it soon and it is likely to be on the pricier side, but, from what I’ve seen it is amazing.

Tangle by Bret Victor: This one is much older (he released his Javascript library in 2011) but it still hasn’t been implemented anywhere fully. You can download his library and make html pages that are reactive but for a cleaner demonstration of the potential have a look here.

Working notes by Andy Matuschak: This is Andy’s own (prototype?) system for sorting through and linking notes. I could see Roam incorporating some of the tile type features into a future iteration.

Why Momentum Really Works by Gabriel Goh: This is a nice example of using interactive models in a scientific paper

Mercury OS: This is a reimagining of the operating system that is more modular and has a greater sense of fluidity

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